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A Balanced Life Daily Checklist

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

  • Put your Life in Perspective Being in your own company gives you the chance to see where you are headed in life in terms of relationships, career and your spiritual evolution. Every day you can spend at least half an hour looking back over the previous day and analyze how you lived it.

  • Learn to be Independent Now hear me out. God didn’t put us on this earth alone, you are probably not going through this infertility journey alone--we all need other human beings. However, I’m specifically talking about independence that has to do with some emotional self-reliance. Spend some time every day without your cell phone or your Facebook friends. Learn to enjoy doings things on your own. You don’t have to be in the company of others all the time, all hours of the day in order to feel fulfilled and happy. Check in with yourself in those quiet moments of alone time.

  • Get Those Creative Juices Flowing Are you a creative person like an artist (draw, paint, design, nails)? Writer? Crafter? Take the time to polish your ideas and projects. Creativity will fulfill you and make you emotionally independent. Write a journal. Enjoy listening to music. Do some gardening. Read a good book. Cultivate your hobby. Have fun!

  • Enrich Your Relationships Previously, I said learn to be independent. However, you won’t want to spend too much time away from your spouse. Try to find the right balance between solitude and intimacy. Enjoy some things together to take your mind off the infertility journey that you’re both going through. Enrich your relationships with girlfriends! Enjoy time with others that help you to be at peace and happy as you go through this journey.

  • Contemplate and Grow Spiritually Are you looking for spiritual peace and tranquility? Spend some time alone in contemplation and self-reflection with God’s word. Work towards growing to know His plan for your life.

Transform Yourself Solitude will help you identify your shortcomings and bad habits. For instance, it will give you the chance to break away from those who encourage you to drink or smoke or any other harmful chemicals. None of those things are helpful on an infertility journey. Once you identify shortcomings, you can make positive changes and transform to the person you want to become at the end of this infertility journey.

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